...the series is an engaging and informative look at a musical journey.
— Ableton
Just got Push...this series is a god send ...thanks man
— Nagi Mysore's Guitar (Youtube)
best explanation of chord shapes on push yet!
— Amadeo Desouza (Youtube)
Spent the last couple of days dipping in and out of these tutorials, thanks for doing these Josh, you covered a lot of ground and have helped with my first few days with push.
— C. inson (Youtube)
How did I not know of this earlier? Thank you for doing this.
— CR Beeson (Youtube)
30 days down! Nice work bro, this fully helped me a lot cheers!
— James Timperley (Youtube)
Your series was exhaustively informative! I really appreciate all the time you put into this as it will no doubt save me a load of time in my learning process. Also, your beats are sick, I genuinely enjoyed the josh spoon breakdowns at the end of each episode.
— Jeremy (Youtube)


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Join me on a journey I made in 2013 when Push first came out to learn as I learned Push. This series of 36 videos has made quite splash since the days I was learning and creating new videos everyday. Thousands of people are still learning from it to this day. 


I’m sure there are other Push tutorials out there, but I do like the focus of some of these.
— Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music)
dude loving it. played guitar all my life and these videos are great in understanding the layout of the push!
— Thomas Hopman (Youtube)
I don’t usually comment on youtube vids. But you deserve some serious praise for this informative series.
— Immanuel Maina (Youtube)
JOSH! Your tuts are amazing. Thanks so much for all of these! Binged my way through and I picked up a ton of info even though I’ve been using push for almost 9 months! If anyone is trying to get the most out of push, this series is totally on point! Mega Bigups!!!
— tab021 (Youtube)
I just want to say thank you so much. This series of yours is probably the greatest tutorial for learning ableton push and it’s power. I find it hard to work with hip-hop music on it, but you’ve helped me alot with different techniques. Hope to see more of push videos from you :)
— ivaren2k (Youtube)
Dope series. Really glad I committed to watching it all. Started out slow (in a good way) but built into some great add on features I never would have expected. Great Work Josh. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.
— Aaron Fortson (Youtube)