Josh Spoon Looper Bass Jam, Makey Makey and Ableton Live, Live 9.2 True-Bypass Tuner

Over the past few weeks, I worked on a few videos. I realized that a lot of my videos I’ve done have shown my educational side but I wanted to show more of my musical side. In this series of videos I wanted to educate but show my musical growth as a bass player.

I’ve been playing for a little over a year due to a new drummer joining our church band. I’ve always wanted to learn bass so I took that opportunity to do so. I think over the years, since using Live I’ve become or melodic and though I love playing drums they don’t quench all of my thirst for music.

For my birthday a friend got me a Makey Makey. It allows you to send keystrokes, clicks and directional messages to your computer from anything that conducts electricity. So I thought, why not use it to make a poor man’s looper pedal in Live.

Last week, to my shock, Ableton released Live 9.2 Beta and you might think this is the stupidest thing but Live got a tuner. There are so many applications for this device and I’m glad it’s hear. Now when I perform w/ Live I can use my True-Bypass tuner rack and not have to worry about using a 3rd-party plugin.

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Now an Ableton Certified Trainer


ableton_certified_trainer_logo_transparent_bgAs a result of years of experience with Ableton Live and an intense two days of trial by fire, I am now an Ableton Certified Trainer. I’m so happy to be in the company of pioneers like Thavius Beck, Laura Escudé and others who I’ve looked up to and watched videos of when learning Ableton Live. An Ableton Certified Trainer is not something I take lightly because there are not a lot of us in the world. Continue reading

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass (Josh Spoon Remix)

A Space Circus crew member gave us the challenge to remix, Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” I’d only heard the beginning a few times since I don’t listen to the radio much.

So I decided not to mess with the vocals like I often do because they were so good and just focus on making a bass music/chiptune bed for the vocals to lay one.

If you enjoy, please share. I make music for others to listen, so thanks.



Dub Machines Videos, Rack and Max for Live Roundup

A few months back I got Dub Machines by Surreal Machines. They are beautifully designed and amazing sounding Max for Live devices. Magnetic and Diffuse inspired by iconic analog delays. The most notable is the Roland Re-201 and Korg SE-300. If you have never heard of them here are video demonstrations of the physical units’ capabilities. Continue reading

Sampling w/ Push and Dubspot Max for Live Roundup

Ableton Push: Sampling w/ Max For Live’s PushMLR and 9.1+ Native Step Sequencer

Learn how to sample without even leaving Push. These two videos will explain all you need to know to do it. And don’t forget if you want to know more about Push, check out my 30 Days of Ableton Push series.

I also just recently got a new Max for Live article published on Dubspot. There are some great utilities featured from Isotonic Studios, Subaqueous and PushMLR. Check it out,

[Out NOW!!!] The Joy of Racks: Understanding and Building Ableton Live Racks from Scratch

You can get it now!

Get The Joy of Racks HERE
or download 4 preview racks and a video tutorial first

The Joy of Racks is a video series of 20 videos where I will teach you the ins and outs of Ableton Live racks; great for beginners and intermediates (experts you could learn a few things too)Here are some of the things you will learn.

  • The different types of racks you can create in Ableton Live
  • How to build racks that can help you streamline your production and live performance
  • Grow your creativity to build racks that represent you.

I will also include Instrument, MIDI, Audio and Drum racks for you to use in your projects; 31 in total. The videos are applicable for Live 8 and up but the downloadable racks are Live 9 only. Few will have Live Suite effect in them and I will have (Suite) in the title. I have tried make substitutes for Standard users where possible. In the event that it’s not possible for me to make a substitute, you can replace that functionality with your favorite VST.

The videos in this series are:

  • Intro
  • What Are Ableton Live Racks
  • Audio Basics
  • MIDI Basics
  • Instrument Rack Basics
  • Drum Racks Basics
  • Types of Racks
  • Signal Flow


We’ll build:

  • Simple Slapback Rack (Audio Effect Rack)
  • HAAS A Matter Wit Chew (Audio Effect Rack)
  • Close to the Edge Rack (Audio Effect Rack)
  • Crazy Xyl Rack (Instrument Effect Rack)
  • Simple Drum Rack
  • Slice to New MIDI (Drum Rack)
  • Step Juan Rack (MIDI Effect Rack)
  • Velocity Raptor (MIDI Effect Rack)
  • Sustain Jane (MIDI Effect Rack)
  • My Favorite Martian (Instrument Rack)
  • VSTs (Instrument Rack)

and Outro

Side Chain Frequencies (Video only)


Josh Spoon

About the author, Josh Spoon is a musician, Ableton Live ninja and educator. He is a writer for Dubspot, creator of 30 Days of Ableton Push and maintains a Youtube channel with well over a thousand subscribers. His articles and videos have been featured on the Ableton blog, Beatport blog and Create Digital Music, as well as tweeted about and posted on Facebook by tons of people all over the world.
The Joy of Racks was developed out of the widely received article 4 Reasons To Build Your Own Ableton Live Racks! Dynamic Controller Integration and More and people's desire for more information on Ableton Live racks.