This song is a descent into bass madness. Listen and please share and download if you. Enjoy [bandcamp track=3328697529 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=50bb42 size=venti]

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"Amazing!!!" - -sb- (Soundcloud user)

"There's so much going on, in a good way" - Angel

"I just know it was making my sub thump...and I love the smell of a working speaker." - Robert

"It's really f**king cool" -Dave

"This is really damn good. starts off minimal, love the buildup and progression." -Dan

"hey josh i peeped the tune man..really cool stuff man!! loving the bass and drums on this and those synths are sick. " -Cristhian

"Bath Salts is dope as fuk man" - Andrew "'bath salts' is crazy bro" - Alpha Davis


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