Over the past few weeks, I worked on a few videos. I realized that a lot of my videos I've done have shown my educational side but I wanted to show more of my musical side. In this series of videos I wanted to educate but show my musical growth as a bass player.

I've been playing for a little over a year due to a new drummer joining our church band. I've always wanted to learn bass so I took that opportunity to do so. I think over the years, since using Live I've become or melodic and though I love playing drums they don't quench all of my thirst for music.

For my birthday a friend got me a Makey Makey. It allows you to send keystrokes, clicks and directional messages to your computer from anything that conducts electricity. So I thought, why not use it to make a poor man's looper pedal in Live.

Last week, to my shock, Ableton released Live 9.2 Beta and you might think this is the stupidest thing but Live got a tuner. There are so many applications for this device and I'm glad it's hear. Now when I perform w/ Live I can use my True-Bypass tuner rack and not have to worry about using a 3rd-party plugin.

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