Available everywhere digitally

Available everywhere digitally

2 years ago...

I had one of the easiest song writing sessions Ever

with a guy by the name Joseph Minadeo. We met when my crew Space Circus had him perform. I started asking him about he got indie scoring gigs. He told me to come by and we can talk and hang out, maybe make some music. I didn't know we'd make an album. 

A week later I called him to come hang out with me at Low End Theory. After getting inspired throughout the show, I thought we should go to his place and try to write something. Little did I know we left 2 minutes into hearing EL-P and Killer Mike perform music from the yet to be released "Run The Jewels".  But it was completely worth it.

We stayed up till 3 that night working on our first song which became "Vespa crabro". After that we meet about 2x a week or so for about 3 weeks and cranked out these songs. It was the easiest music I've ever made with or without someone. 

I was able to shed the preconceived notions I think people have about my music by sharing and feeding off of someone else. I played synth lines I'd would not have dared at the time in my own music. We feed off of each other very well.

The thing that amazes me when listening to these songs is that I trusted working with someone on a project that I didn't know. I think the thing that he had no guard up about how the project was suppose to go. He was not possessive with the parts he wrote and was open to changing anything. Which made me feel comfortable also doing so. We worked for the good of the song.   

You may ask, "Why the name Insect Sounds and why all of these weird bugs on the cover", to which I say, all songs are created using Insect Sounds or are inspired by sounds of insects. You'd be surprised which songs vocals and synths are actually bugs.

Songs from the album were also featured also on TransWorld SNOWboarding Presents: NATION

The album is finally available digitally everywhere. Go grab it.